Water Color Ballerina

Today I woke up and thought to myself “Self, I’m gonna watercolor. Let’s go downstairs and get some stuff to do so.” Then I had to drag myself downstairs because I wouldn’t follow me, and I got the supplies

IMG_2023 [144911]

You’ll need water color pencils, water (duh), a small paint brush, a small sponge or large paintbrush (If you want the background to be splotchy like mine, you’ll need a sponge.), and paper.

B step one

First, Draw the skirt and top. You don’t have to draw it exactly like this, you could make whatever kind of dress you want. Scribble just a tiny bit around some of the edges, to add a little bit of a shadow effect when it’s finished.

IMG_2013 [144891].JPG

Next, color the arms, shoulders, and neck. Don’t outline it in black, that will just look weird. Just color. No black.

IMG_2014 [144893].JPG

Color the head. Again, don’t outline it in black. Just don’t outline anything else in black. It’s only the dress. For the head, try drawing a circle, add the chin, then draw a little bump for the nose. It’s pretty easy.

IMG_2015 [144895].JPG

Add the hair. Just get whatever color hair you want, and draw lines until it looks like hair. Or, to make it easier, just kind of scribble it in, since it’s going to be watercolor either way. That’s what I did. I like to make things easier. But of course, you could take longer and do it line by line if you want.

IMG_2016 [144897]

Color in the dress. Don’t try to make the bottom a perfectly straight line, that won’t look as good. You could make it a straight line, but then it would just look like a boring poofy dress. It really is better with the not-so-straight bottom.

IMG_2017 [144899].JPG

To the legs! You can kind of just draw a triangle, and add little pink ovals at the end. I guess you could do the whole skeleton thing if you wanted to be fancy, but I think it looks fine like this.

IMG_2019 [144903]

Now you can finally use water to make it look like it’s actually watercolors. I kind of extended the hair a little bit, but you don’t have to do that. After I added the water, I drew the lips again so you could really see them.

IMG_2021 [144907].JPG

For the background, just color the paper with whatever color you want. It doesn’t have to be neat, but try to not have TOO much white paper showing

.IMG_2023 [144911]

Then all you have to do it use the sponge (or large paint brush) to make it look like watercolors!

Sign your name, frame it, and name it Sally. That’s all I’ve got. So, Bye!