6 Fun Easter DIYs

It’s almost Easter time! There’re only a couple more days! (Unless you’re reading this a bit after it came out, then I don’t know how long it is.) If you don’t know what sort of things you want to do for Easter this year, I have something for you. Actually, I have 6 somethings for you. If you’re tired of having a boring house or are tired of the stuff you already have, you need to try some of this. But even if you’re not tired of anything you should still try these. They’re pretty awesome. Here’s 6 fun Easter DIYs for you to color your holiday this year.

1. Easter Bunny Treat Jars

Bunny Treat Mason Jars

Here’s a really cute DIY to spice up Easter. You can put in any type of candy or whatever in there you want. You could even put Legos in there! These are a fun way to decorate your house and leave candy out for people. If you want to make this super cool jar, just go here.

2. Peep Wreath

Peep Reath

Here’s and adorable way to decorate your house for Easter! (And if you don’t leave it out for months like you do for Christmas, then you can probably eat the peeps after. You might want to cut off the part with the glue though.)  It looks like you’ll probably want to buy 2 packs of the 3 colors, with 4 left over from each pack. So great decor, and a great snack. If you want to make this adorable wreath, click this link.

3. Jello Easter Eggs

Jello Eggs

If you want a fun treat for Easter that’s fun and still tastes good, here’s what you need to make. You can use any flavor of Jello, and you can use this same concept to make egg popsicles or frozen pudding eggs. (I know the frozen pudding thing sounds weird, but I used to make them sometimes and they’re delicious.) If you want to make these delicious Easter treats, click on these blue words. Right here. You know you want them. CLICK THE LINK!!!

4. Easter Treat Bag

Easter Treat Bag

Here’s a cute thing you can make to put some candy in for and Easter hunt, to put in somebody’s basket, or to give as a little Easter gift. If you want to make this, go to this website.

5. Fortune Egg

Fortune Egg

It’s like a fortune cookie, but it’s an egg! This is a really cool idea for an easter egg hunt! have your normal candy-filled eggs, but also have this. This one might be a little bit tough to make because it involves drilling a small hole into an egg, but it will be fun. If you want to make these fortune eggs, JUST COME ON OVER!

6. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Easter egg mason jars

Here’s a really cool decoration idea for Easter! But I will warn you; if you use Easter grass, you will be finding it around your house for YEARS. That’s why we can’t have any at my house anymore, we kept finding Easter grass in our house for at least 3 years. Besides the Easter grass, this is a really cool decoration to make and it’s really fun. If you want to make this super cool mason jar, go here.

I hope you found something you can make this Easter! If you didn’t, which I hope is very unlikely, there are ALOT more ideas on Pinterest. If you need some ideas for how you want to color your Easter eggs (which of course you do) go check out my other Easter blog post 28 Awesome Ways To Color Eggs! Have a merry Easter and a happy Independence day! Bye!