28 Awesome Ways To Color Easter Eggs

Every  Easter, lots of people dye some eggs for Easter. Sure, you can just put them in dyed water and call them decorated, but where’s the fun in that? I found 28 ways to color your Easter eggs so you don’t have to search the interweb for hours finding the perfect one. I hope you’ll find one you like!

1. Mustache Easter Egg


Here’s a cute way to decorate your Easter eggs that everyone will love. (Because who doesn’t like mustaches on eggs?)

Mustache Easter Egg

2. Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

ice cream egg

I have never seen any eggs cuter than these cuties. It’s a mix of three important things. Eggs, ice cream, and cuteness.

Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

3. Striped Rubber-Band Easter Eggs

stripe egg

Here’s a nice way you can make your Easter eggs stand out.

Striped Rubber-Band Easter Eggs

4. Robin Easter Egg

robin egg

These are a really cool egg for anyone who really likes gold or wants a nice egg to set out. Or just wants to decorate their eggs like robin eggs.

Robin Easter Egg

5. Liquid Water Color Easter Egg

watercolor egg

If you want different colors for your eggs, here’s the right place to find them. This is really cool and easy to make.

Liquid Water Color Easter Egg

6. Sharpie Tie-Dye Easter Egg

sharpie dye egg

If you like Tie-Dye and you have sharpies, this is what you need to make.

Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Egg

7. Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs


These are a great way to make your eggs simple but still looking good.

Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs

8.Dye Eggs With Rice

Rice Egg

THIS LOOKS SPARKLY… YAY… And rice is a pretty common thing to have.

Dyeing Easter Eggs With Rice

9.Hombre Easter Eggs

ombre egg

Why would you not want hombre Easter eggs? Here’s an easy and cool way to dye your eggs to look like they’re hombre.

Hombre Easter Eggs

10. No-Dye Easter Eggs

no dye egg

If you want to have cool Easter eggs without dyeing them, this is the way to go.

No-Dye Easter Eggs

11. Dinosaur Easter Eggs


These are really cool dinosaur eggs, also known as acrylic eggs.

Dinosaur Easter Eggs

12. Hamburger Easter Eggs


If you like hamburgers and you want to make Easter eggs, I have a project for you.

Hamburger Easter Eggs

13. Minecraft Easter Eggs

minecraft egg

These are Minecraft spawn eggs. You would probably only get it if you played Minecraft.

Minecraft Easter Eggs

14.  Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

melted crayon egg

If you have extra crayons lying around the house then you can do this very easily. Try this fun way to color your eggs!

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

15. Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs

mario egg

Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo. Doo. Doo. Here are some pretty cool Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs that you just have to try.

Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs

16. Lace Easter Egg

lace egg

Here’s a pretty way to dye your eggs. You’ll need some lace though.

Lace Easter Egg

17. Typography Easter Eggs

I said hip hop egg

I actually don’t know what typography is. But these are still super cool eggs!

Typography Easter Eggs

18. Graphic Easter Eggs

Graphic Easter Egg

These are cool if you want your eggs to stand out from the rest with different colors and patterns.

Graphic Easter Eggs

19. Geometric Easter Eggs

geometric egg

Here’s a cool idea that’s really simple as long as you have hands. And Sharpies. Those would help.

Geometric Easter Eggs

20. Fortune Egg

Fortune Egg

There like fortune cookies but they’re eggs!

Fortune Egg

21. Emoji Easter Eggs

Emoji eggs

Most people use emojis. Most people use eggs. They have so much in common already! Why not combine them?

Emoji Easter Eggs

22. Hipster Easter Egg

el policia eggs

I don’t know why, but this just looks like a police egg. Try it! It’s pretty easy.

Hipster Easter Egg

23. Minion Easter Eggs


I LOVE MINIONS!!! If you love minions too, you need to make these. They’re super duper adorable.

Minion Easter Eggs

24.Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi Tape Egg

It seems like washi tape is used for everything now. If you can’t find any, they will probably have it at any craft store.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

25. Confetti Easter Eggs

confetti egg

Confetti. It’s very festive. Easter. It’s also very festive. So, of course, the confetti should be used for Easter. DON’T DROP THE BAG. IT WILL BE EVERYWHERE.

Confetti Easter Eggs

26. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

chalkboard egg

These are really cool because one, they look amazing, and two, you can erase them and draw another thing.

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

27. Sharpie Dot Easter Eggs


These are cute and pretty simple Easter eggs. You don’t have to use pink of course. (But you really should because pink is AMAZING)

Sharpie Dot Easter Eggs

28. Sharpie Eggs

Picture egg

Last but certainly not least, the sharpie eggs. You can draw anything. It doesn’t even need to be any of these pictures. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LITERALLY ENDLESS!

Sharpie Eggs

I hope you found some super awesome ideas for how to design your Easter eggs! If you want some more fun DIYs that do not involve eggs, go check out my other Easter blog post, 6 Fun Easter DIYs! Have a happy Easter! Bye!