Random Pineapple DIYs

Okay. Pineapples are everywhere right now. I’m not very sure why, but I do know that pineapples are awesome. And very tasty. I found a bunch of random pineapple DIYs, so I put them all together into one blog post and Voila! Here’s Random Pineapple DIYs. I’ll have the websites with the tutorials listed right underneath the picture.

1. Pineapple Shoes

pineapple shoes

Now why exactly would you not want these? They seem relatively easy to make, and they’re super adorable. So go get some white canvas shoes, some whatever else you need, and get to making these! You can find out how to make these amazing shoes at Flamingo Toes.

2. Pineapple Thumbprint Art

pineapple fingerprint

This is a cool way to snazz up your bedroom. Or living room. Or bathroom. Pretty much anywhere you put it will look snazzy when you hang it up. Go over to this website and make this! I found this at Beckham+Bell.

3. Pineapple Ukulele

pineapple uke

Out of all the pineapple DIYs in the world, this one’s my favorite. I love ukuleles. This would be a really cool decoration, or you could paint the ukulele you play! Go get your uke and get to work! Go to Lovely Indeed to find this tutorial.

4. Paper Pom Pineapples

paper pineapple

These would be really cute to use as decorations for either a party or just your normal house. Tissue paper is a fairly common thing to have, so you probably have everything you need to make these. Go get your tissue paper and go to From Prince Paperie!

5. Pineapple Backpack

pineapple backpack

Do you like pineapples? I assume you do because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have gotten this far in this post. Do you own items you need to cry around sometimes? Probably! If you answered yes to one or both (or neither), you need to make this backpack. Now go to Make It and Love It to find out how to make this!

6. Pineapple Glitter Something


Here’s a very glittery pineapple painting that would look awesome wherever you put it. I hope you have glitter. You should. Even if you’re not trying to make this. If you want to make this, go to PolkaDots!

7. Pineapple Board

pineapple board needs to be edited

If you have a desk that is just a little too empty, or a wall that is not too empty, go get a board and make this. This is super cute and fun, and everybody needs a peg board. Go to Un Vent do Mode! (you’ll want to press translate because it’s not in English).

8. Pineapple Airplant Holder

pineapply needs to be edited

Here’s a very close second to the ukulele for my favorite pineapple DIYs. I’m not very sure what an airplant is, but it seems like it makes a good stem for the pineapple. All this is air dry clay made into a little pot-type things, paint it yellow and stick a plant in it. Go to I Spy a DIY to figure out how to make this!

Well, I hope you found something (or somethings) to make during this whole pineapple crazy phase that everybody’s in. Have fun with your pineapples. Bye!