5 Back To School DIYs

Welp, it’s almost time to go back to school. But when you do go back, you’re gonna have some pretty awesome looking school supplies. Who wants plain stuff? Not me. If you bring it to school, you can decorate it. I found a lot of cool ways to snazz up school supplies, so if you don’t want to have boring school supplies, you should do some of them.

1. Awesome Collage Notebooks

 picture notebook

Most stores just sell boring single-colored notebooks. Sometimes they will have a picture on the front, but you’re not going to find anything as cool as these at any store.Just imagine the possibilities! Go to Pie N’ the Sky to find out how to do this.

2. Super Awesomely Adorable Whale Pencil Pouch

whale trail pouch

I’m not very sure why you wouldn’t want to have this at school. It’s cute, it’s functional, I don’t think there’s anything else you need from a pencil pouch. I mean, who doesn’t like whales? If you want to make this (which hopefully you do) go to Guide Central.

3. Silly Face Bookmarks

crazy bookmarks

Ok. I know these are kind of random, but they’re pretty cool. Sometimes you just need a little something to stick in a book you’re reading during study hall, or just to save your page in a textbook in class when you’re flipping between pages. Go to Morena’s Corner to make this.

4. Confetti Notebook

conetti nb

This is a great way to snazz up your notebook. It would be so much more interesting to write in these than just the plain gray notebooks. Find out how to make these at Madigan Made.

5. Polka Dot Pencils


Ok. Everybody has just those plain orange number 2 pencils, right? But I bet you don’t want to be boring so you’re gonna make these. Go to Make and Tell to learn how to make these.

Now, you don’t have to go to school with a bunch of boring school supplies like everybody else. You’ll have supplies that you’ll actually enjoy using! I hope you found something awesome for school this year! Have an awesome school year! Bye!


Random Pineapple DIYs

Okay. Pineapples are everywhere right now. I’m not very sure why, but I do know that pineapples are awesome. And very tasty. I found a bunch of random pineapple DIYs, so I put them all together into one blog post and Voila! Here’s Random Pineapple DIYs. I’ll have the websites with the tutorials listed right underneath the picture.

1. Pineapple Shoes

pineapple shoes

Now why exactly would you not want these? They seem relatively easy to make, and they’re super adorable. So go get some white canvas shoes, some whatever else you need, and get to making these! You can find out how to make these amazing shoes at Flamingo Toes.

2. Pineapple Thumbprint Art

pineapple fingerprint

This is a cool way to snazz up your bedroom. Or living room. Or bathroom. Pretty much anywhere you put it will look snazzy when you hang it up. Go over to this website and make this! I found this at Beckham+Bell.

3. Pineapple Ukulele

pineapple uke

Out of all the pineapple DIYs in the world, this one’s my favorite. I love ukuleles. This would be a really cool decoration, or you could paint the ukulele you play! Go get your uke and get to work! Go to Lovely Indeed to find this tutorial.

4. Paper Pom Pineapples

paper pineapple

These would be really cute to use as decorations for either a party or just your normal house. Tissue paper is a fairly common thing to have, so you probably have everything you need to make these. Go get your tissue paper and go to From Prince Paperie!

5. Pineapple Backpack

pineapple backpack

Do you like pineapples? I assume you do because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have gotten this far in this post. Do you own items you need to cry around sometimes? Probably! If you answered yes to one or both (or neither), you need to make this backpack. Now go to Make It and Love It to find out how to make this!

6. Pineapple Glitter Something


Here’s a very glittery pineapple painting that would look awesome wherever you put it. I hope you have glitter. You should. Even if you’re not trying to make this. If you want to make this, go to PolkaDots!

7. Pineapple Board

pineapple board needs to be edited

If you have a desk that is just a little too empty, or a wall that is not too empty, go get a board and make this. This is super cute and fun, and everybody needs a peg board. Go to Un Vent do Mode! (you’ll want to press translate because it’s not in English).

8. Pineapple Airplant Holder

pineapply needs to be edited

Here’s a very close second to the ukulele for my favorite pineapple DIYs. I’m not very sure what an airplant is, but it seems like it makes a good stem for the pineapple. All this is air dry clay made into a little pot-type things, paint it yellow and stick a plant in it. Go to I Spy a DIY to figure out how to make this!

Well, I hope you found something (or somethings) to make during this whole pineapple crazy phase that everybody’s in. Have fun with your pineapples. Bye!


Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid

Don’t you want some color in your hair without anything permanent? If you have, you will probably want to try this out. You can dye your hair purple, blue, green, orange, or anything in between with Kool-Aid. I found out how to do this on  Spoon University.

color hair2

I dyed my hair purple just on the tips. I used grape flavored Kool-Aid, and it ended up a little dark. If you want your hair a very specific color, there are a bunch of charts to show you what flavors you need to mix to make that certain color.

The color will last about 2-4 weeks, dependingon how long you soak your hair, what color you use, and what type of hair you have.

You’ll need to put your hair up in a ponytail if you’re planning on doing just the tips. Make sure your hair is tangle free (or it might look a little weird when it’s done.) You also might want to change into a shirt that you don;t care about too much, because Kool-Aid can stain. It didn’t stain when I did it, but it’s just a precaution.

You’ll Need:

  • Pot or pan
  • stove
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 packets of Kool-Aid
  • Bowl or container
  • Towel
  • Hair

How To Do It:

First, put the pot on the stove and put 2 cups of water into the pot.

water pot

Next, you’ll need to put both of the packets of Kool-Aid into the water. Mix it around a little bit, just until it’s all dissolved.

colored water.JPG

Once all the powder has dissolved, turn on the stove to medium-high, and let it boil for about 2 minutes.

Once it is done boiling, immediately pour it into the bowl.

color bowl

Make sure your hair is tangle free and in a ponytail. Grab the section that you want to be colored and stick it in the juice.

hair in color

You’ll want to keep it in 20-30 minutes, but I kept mine in for 40 minutes, just because I wanted my color to be dark and noticeable, and my hair is kind of thick. (This part is a pain in your neck, since you’re bending your head back to keep it in the water. Just FYI.)

When your hair is done soaking, take your hair out of the bowl/container and dry it out. Take your hair out of the ponytail and brush through it.

Here’s my hair right after I brushed it:

wet purple1

Here’s my hair the next day after it dried:

(It doesn’t show up AS much on camera)

color hair2

I hope you found this helpful, and I hope your hair looks extra awesome now. Bye!


28 Awesome Ways To Color Easter Eggs

Every  Easter, lots of people dye some eggs for Easter. Sure, you can just put them in dyed water and call them decorated, but where’s the fun in that? I found 28 ways to color your Easter eggs so you don’t have to search the interweb for hours finding the perfect one. I hope you’ll find one you like!

1. Mustache Easter Egg


Here’s a cute way to decorate your Easter eggs that everyone will love. (Because who doesn’t like mustaches on eggs?)

Mustache Easter Egg

2. Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

ice cream egg

I have never seen any eggs cuter than these cuties. It’s a mix of three important things. Eggs, ice cream, and cuteness.

Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

3. Striped Rubber-Band Easter Eggs

stripe egg

Here’s a nice way you can make your Easter eggs stand out.

Striped Rubber-Band Easter Eggs

4. Robin Easter Egg

robin egg

These are a really cool egg for anyone who really likes gold or wants a nice egg to set out. Or just wants to decorate their eggs like robin eggs.

Robin Easter Egg

5. Liquid Water Color Easter Egg

watercolor egg

If you want different colors for your eggs, here’s the right place to find them. This is really cool and easy to make.

Liquid Water Color Easter Egg

6. Sharpie Tie-Dye Easter Egg

sharpie dye egg

If you like Tie-Dye and you have sharpies, this is what you need to make.

Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Egg

7. Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs


These are a great way to make your eggs simple but still looking good.

Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs

8.Dye Eggs With Rice

Rice Egg

THIS LOOKS SPARKLY… YAY… And rice is a pretty common thing to have.

Dyeing Easter Eggs With Rice

9.Hombre Easter Eggs

ombre egg

Why would you not want hombre Easter eggs? Here’s an easy and cool way to dye your eggs to look like they’re hombre.

Hombre Easter Eggs

10. No-Dye Easter Eggs

no dye egg

If you want to have cool Easter eggs without dyeing them, this is the way to go.

No-Dye Easter Eggs

11. Dinosaur Easter Eggs


These are really cool dinosaur eggs, also known as acrylic eggs.

Dinosaur Easter Eggs

12. Hamburger Easter Eggs


If you like hamburgers and you want to make Easter eggs, I have a project for you.

Hamburger Easter Eggs

13. Minecraft Easter Eggs

minecraft egg

These are Minecraft spawn eggs. You would probably only get it if you played Minecraft.

Minecraft Easter Eggs

14.  Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

melted crayon egg

If you have extra crayons lying around the house then you can do this very easily. Try this fun way to color your eggs!

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

15. Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs

mario egg

Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo. Doo. Doo. Here are some pretty cool Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs that you just have to try.

Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs

16. Lace Easter Egg

lace egg

Here’s a pretty way to dye your eggs. You’ll need some lace though.

Lace Easter Egg

17. Typography Easter Eggs

I said hip hop egg

I actually don’t know what typography is. But these are still super cool eggs!

Typography Easter Eggs

18. Graphic Easter Eggs

Graphic Easter Egg

These are cool if you want your eggs to stand out from the rest with different colors and patterns.

Graphic Easter Eggs

19. Geometric Easter Eggs

geometric egg

Here’s a cool idea that’s really simple as long as you have hands. And Sharpies. Those would help.

Geometric Easter Eggs

20. Fortune Egg

Fortune Egg

There like fortune cookies but they’re eggs!

Fortune Egg

21. Emoji Easter Eggs

Emoji eggs

Most people use emojis. Most people use eggs. They have so much in common already! Why not combine them?

Emoji Easter Eggs

22. Hipster Easter Egg

el policia eggs

I don’t know why, but this just looks like a police egg. Try it! It’s pretty easy.

Hipster Easter Egg

23. Minion Easter Eggs


I LOVE MINIONS!!! If you love minions too, you need to make these. They’re super duper adorable.

Minion Easter Eggs

24.Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi Tape Egg

It seems like washi tape is used for everything now. If you can’t find any, they will probably have it at any craft store.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

25. Confetti Easter Eggs

confetti egg

Confetti. It’s very festive. Easter. It’s also very festive. So, of course, the confetti should be used for Easter. DON’T DROP THE BAG. IT WILL BE EVERYWHERE.

Confetti Easter Eggs

26. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

chalkboard egg

These are really cool because one, they look amazing, and two, you can erase them and draw another thing.

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

27. Sharpie Dot Easter Eggs


These are cute and pretty simple Easter eggs. You don’t have to use pink of course. (But you really should because pink is AMAZING)

Sharpie Dot Easter Eggs

28. Sharpie Eggs

Picture egg

Last but certainly not least, the sharpie eggs. You can draw anything. It doesn’t even need to be any of these pictures. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LITERALLY ENDLESS!

Sharpie Eggs

I hope you found some super awesome ideas for how to design your Easter eggs! If you want some more fun DIYs that do not involve eggs, go check out my other Easter blog post, 6 Fun Easter DIYs! Have a happy Easter! Bye!

6 Fun Easter DIYs

It’s almost Easter time! There’re only a couple more days! (Unless you’re reading this a bit after it came out, then I don’t know how long it is.) If you don’t know what sort of things you want to do for Easter this year, I have something for you. Actually, I have 6 somethings for you. If you’re tired of having a boring house or are tired of the stuff you already have, you need to try some of this. But even if you’re not tired of anything you should still try these. They’re pretty awesome. Here’s 6 fun Easter DIYs for you to color your holiday this year.

1. Easter Bunny Treat Jars

Bunny Treat Mason Jars

Here’s a really cute DIY to spice up Easter. You can put in any type of candy or whatever in there you want. You could even put Legos in there! These are a fun way to decorate your house and leave candy out for people. If you want to make this super cool jar, just go here.

2. Peep Wreath

Peep Reath

Here’s and adorable way to decorate your house for Easter! (And if you don’t leave it out for months like you do for Christmas, then you can probably eat the peeps after. You might want to cut off the part with the glue though.)  It looks like you’ll probably want to buy 2 packs of the 3 colors, with 4 left over from each pack. So great decor, and a great snack. If you want to make this adorable wreath, click this link.

3. Jello Easter Eggs

Jello Eggs

If you want a fun treat for Easter that’s fun and still tastes good, here’s what you need to make. You can use any flavor of Jello, and you can use this same concept to make egg popsicles or frozen pudding eggs. (I know the frozen pudding thing sounds weird, but I used to make them sometimes and they’re delicious.) If you want to make these delicious Easter treats, click on these blue words. Right here. You know you want them. CLICK THE LINK!!!

4. Easter Treat Bag

Easter Treat Bag

Here’s a cute thing you can make to put some candy in for and Easter hunt, to put in somebody’s basket, or to give as a little Easter gift. If you want to make this, go to this website.

5. Fortune Egg

Fortune Egg

It’s like a fortune cookie, but it’s an egg! This is a really cool idea for an easter egg hunt! have your normal candy-filled eggs, but also have this. This one might be a little bit tough to make because it involves drilling a small hole into an egg, but it will be fun. If you want to make these fortune eggs, JUST COME ON OVER!

6. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Easter egg mason jars

Here’s a really cool decoration idea for Easter! But I will warn you; if you use Easter grass, you will be finding it around your house for YEARS. That’s why we can’t have any at my house anymore, we kept finding Easter grass in our house for at least 3 years. Besides the Easter grass, this is a really cool decoration to make and it’s really fun. If you want to make this super cool mason jar, go here.

I hope you found something you can make this Easter! If you didn’t, which I hope is very unlikely, there are ALOT more ideas on Pinterest. If you need some ideas for how you want to color your Easter eggs (which of course you do) go check out my other Easter blog post 28 Awesome Ways To Color Eggs! Have a merry Easter and a happy Independence day! Bye!

Pineapple Glitter Something


I know I haven’t done a blog for a little while, but I seriously couldn’t think of anything to do. I was talking with my best friends about how cool it would be to have like a tropical pineapple themed room. Then this brilliant idea struck me. But it didn’t actually strike me then, I just thought about it a few minutes ago and came up with this. I love glitter. A LOT. So whenever I have the chance to use it I get very excited about it.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • canvas or paper
  • glue
  • brush
  • sharpie
  • pencil
  • this website (Unless you suddenly decide you don’t want to do this, or you are now a super genius that can just see something and make it. Trust me. Just use this website.)


Draw the outline of the pineapple with a PENCIL (Not sharpie. That wouldn’t look very good.) If for some reason you can’t see the drawing that is RIGHT ABOVE THIS PARAGRAPH, go look at an actual pineapple. Nobody knows what a pineapple looks like anymore. *sarcasm*


Get the glue and draw little diamonds with it. Please don’t try to make individual diamonds, just draw lines. That will make everything easier on everybody. Thanks.


Brush some orange glitter (or whatever color you want. You could do blue for that matter.) onto the glue diamonds. I might be a little messy on the canvas, but that will be covered up later.


Put glue on the stem of the pineapple. After you have done that, brush some green (or not green) glitter onto it.


I’m sure that you already know how to do this part, since I’ve kind of explained how to do this two times already, but I’ll still say it. Put the glue on the pineapple. Cover in glitter.


Outline the letters with a pencil (or sharpie if you know you can do it on your first try) I think it would be pretty cool if you like squished some of the letters against the pineapple (kind of like I tried to do with the A.).


Color the letters in with sharpie once you have the letters like you want them. I speak from personal experience when I say this, I suggest not using a dried out sharpie. I did that at first. It was just….. kind of sad. You can draw a little hibiscus flower if you want, but I unfortunately don’t have instructions on how to do that. I’m not actually sure if I drew it right. That’s the main reason.

That is all of the instructions I have for this pineapple. I guess this is a president’s day pineapple. CONGRATULATIONS. You now have a president’s day pineapple.

How To Refill Your EOS

I’ve noticed that almost everybody has EOS. I’m actually not surprised, they’re really good. I have 5 different flavors, and I just ran out of one of them. Don’t throw away your used EOS, you can refill them! I am going to use my old tangerine EOS and refill it with citrus bliss flavored “EOS”.  I got this tutorial at diyjoy.com.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils (whatever flavor you want, I’m using citrus bliss)
  • Old EOS container
  • Little plastic containers (optional, there will be a little bit extra, so this is just for if you want to do something with it)

Here’s what you need to do to refill your EOS

  • Mix 2 Tbs of beeswax with 2 Tbs of coconut oil (You can do as much or as little as you want, as long as they are an equal amount.)
  • Melt it in the microwave for about 5 seconds at a time
  • Add essential oils until there is as much flavor as you want in it (you may want to put a little on your lips and taste it)
  • Get your EOS and scoop out the leftover of the lip balm
  • Get a knife and pop the little wheel thing out. (This step is pretty hard. I had to get help. Try getting the knife under one of the long plastic things that make up the wheel.)
  • Screw the wheel thing into the top half of the egg
  • Pour the lip balm you just made into the top half with the wheel in it
  • Put it in the fridge until it is as hard as a normal EOS
  • Pop the bottom half onto the top half (Don’t try to screw it on, or you’ll be trying for a long time) Make sure the flat part of the wheel is by the flat part of the egg.
  • Enjoy your EOS!
  • Now clean up if there’s a mess. Don’t leave a mess. That’s just gross.

I hope you were able to refill your EOS with this tutorial. Even if you didn’t, at least I did. If you want it to moisturize your lips, add vitamin E. I don’t know how you add a vitamin E to something, because until now I thought they only came in gummies. Or am I thinking of something else? Whatever. Bye!